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Listowel Writer's Week 2024

Writers Sofia Andrukhovych, Halyna Budilova, and film director Olesia Morgunets-Isayenko presented Ukrainian contemporary culture at the oldest literary festival in Ireland, Listowel Writer's Week 2024

Founded in 1970, with the first festival taking place in 1971, the dream of Listowel Writers’ Week was to transform a beautiful Kerry heritage town into a literary universe, where writers and booklovers from all corners of the globe can gravitate to, for a celebration of literature, cultural experiences and inspiration. 

This year Ukrainian writers and directors were participating in the 53rd Listowel Writer's Week for the first time, thanks to a partnership between the NGO NEWKD (Kerry, Ireland) and the festival organizers.

The festival opened on May 29 and ran until June 2.

The Ukrainian programme was initiated by North East West Kerry Development and Ukraininan Ambassador Larysa Gerasko who also visited the festival.

One of the key events of the festival was a conversation between Ukrainian writer Sofia Andruhovych and investigative journalist Malachi Brown.

The children's panel at the festival was presented by Ukrainian children's writer Halyna Budilova. She introduced the children to her newly translated into English works Eco-Tales of Giants and The Snow Giant and Climate Change and held a creative masterclass. Both books have recently been translated from Ukrainian into English. This collaboration was made by the author and the NEWKD organization. Some of the books were donated to Kerry libraries so that local children could get acquainted with Ukrainian literature.

“The translation of these books is very important to me. They represent a sense of normality when we come together to save the planet, not destroy it. I want children to believe that they have the power to make the world a better place. I want them to understand that big changes are made up of many small steps, like a puzzle. And that every piece of this puzzle matters. Every choice matters. And we make these small choices every day. That's what my Eco-Tales of Giants is about,” says children's author Halyna Budilova.


Part of the event was also the art competition “I am Our Planet’s Friend”. The winners are:

Layla Bransfield – 1st place

Angelika Shapovalova – 2nd place

Viktoria Roman – 2nd place

Jacob Simple – 3rd place

Leonid Budilov – 3rd place

Tara Hurst – 3rd place


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