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ISBN 978-617-642-539-7
Year of publication 2021

The Giant Tales about our Planet
Halyna Budilova
Illustrator Maria Ivanovych

With the help of this book, you can introduce the child to the concepts of "ecology", "environment", "alternative energy sources", etc. Modern parents should think about what kind of planet they will leave, what can each of us do to make it a cozy home for many more generations of people? And it depends on us whether this chain of conscious consumption will continue. The book "Giant Tales of Our Planet" touches on such important topics as: misuse of electricity, alternative energy sources, excessive use of plastic, environmental pollution, burning of garbage and forest fires. Exciting stories, discussion questions, coloring pages and stickers - in this book you will find everything for maximum ecological immersion in the topic of protecting and restoring the environment together with your little ones.

The language is Ukrainian

Age From 3 to 5 years, From 6 to 8 years

The number of pages is 40

Illustrator Maria Ivanovych

Format 210x297 mm

Soft cover

Print run of 6,000 copies

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