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Corporate Partnership and Co-branding

Are you seeking a tailored solution to enhance your brand's presence?

Look no further than Little Beetle Press, your gateway to innovative marketing solutions tailored specifically for your needs. Our team specializes in crafting bespoke collaborations that go beyond conventional marketing strategies. Leveraging the power of books, we can enhance your brand visibility, drive sales, and expand your market share.

Why co-brand a book? 

Books aren't just reading material—they're companions that travel with readers everywhere, transforming your brand messaging into an inspiring lifestyle experience.

Unlike typical promotional items, like T-shirts or mugs, books hold intrinsic value and longevity. They represent knowledge and serve as cherished keepsakes, fostering a lasting connection with your audience and becoming favorites in their families. Imagine your brand's book becoming a bedtime favorite for hundreds of children! We are thrilled to collaborate with you in creating these magic moments!

How can we collaborate?

At Little Beetle Press, all our books are available for co-branding, allowing you to customize the cover design to align seamlessly with your corporate identity. Whether you prefer subtle logo placement or comprehensive content integration, we're committed to bringing your vision to life. Or we can create something completely unique, just for you: develop characters, write a story, and make this brand-new world into a branded book!

Explore all the possibilities with our expert partnerships team, who can deliver a wide variety of briefs.


With us you can:

  • Develop exclusive books and licensed products tailored to your brands

  • Provide content for marketing campaigns and promotions

  • Deliver physical, audio, and digital content for use across all platforms

To find out more about our successful corporate partnership cases and get the roadmap of our potential collaboration – please download this catalogue.

Let’s see what magic we can create together! Contact us to brainstorm ideas and speak with a member of our team today!

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