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ISBN 978-617-642-518-2 
Year of publication 2020

Robbie and the Crosspatch in Crown. Therapeutic fairy tale-coloring book
Halyna Budilova
Illustrator Olga Renyova

This is one of the first 5 therapeutic books for children about the coronavirus pandemic in the world. The total circulation was more than 20,000 copies. It was translated into 8 languages and recommended by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The heroes of the book are Mia and Platon, a brother and sister who are quarantined at home for the third week. They have already played with all the toys and don't know what to do. Mom decided to play a trick and said that if they cleaned up the mess, she would give them a little surprise. The surprise was a box with old toys. There, the children found Robbie, an old robot doctor who told them that he had been self-educating on the balcony and knew a lot about what was going on. The children began to ask him the same questions that children ask their parents in quarantine, and the robot began to explain.

Age From 3 to 5 years, from 6 to 8 years

The language is Ukrainian

The number of pages is 32

Black and white illustrations

Format 205x290 mm

Soft cover

Print run of 20,000 copies

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