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ISBN 978-617-642-476-5
Year of publication 2021

Robbie and the Crosspatch in Crown. In Search of Mr. Positive. Therapeutic fairy tale-coloring book
Halyna Budilova
Illustrator Maria Guryanova

"Robbie and the Crosspatch in Crown: In Search of Mr. Positive" is the second therapeutic coloring book for children and parents, which tells readers about the coronavirus and post-Covid in an accessible and playful way. The global pandemic has shown that our world can constantly undergo changes that significantly affect the lives of our children. That is why it is important to refer to the literature, which in an accessible form will help to adapt to these changes and accept them.

Age From 3 to 5 years, From 6 to 8 years

The language is Ukrainian

The number of pages is 32

Format 210x297 mm

Soft cover

Print run of 2000 copies.

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