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A Very VERY Angry Book
Halyna Budilova

Discover the captivating world of "A Very VERY Angry Book" where Grizzlepuff, the lovable character, unleashes his fury with boundless energy! From fiery volcanoes to rumbling thunderclouds, Grizzlepuff vividly portrays the diverse expressions of anger. But within this whirlwind of emotion lies a valuable lesson: the art of understanding and managing feelings.

Children embark on an adventure alongside Grizzlepuff as he stomps like a mighty bison, roars like a fearless tiger, and uncovers the secrets of the "Angry Box." Through interactive activities and relatable scenarios, young readers discover how to navigate their own anger in a positive and empowering way.

Amidst the storm, Grizzlepuff discovers the warmth of hugs and the power of love, teaching children that even in the midst of anger, empathy and understanding prevail.

It's a roadmap to embracing emotions and nurturing empathy in a joyful and immersive manner. Embark on Grizzlepuff's journey and unlock the magic of understanding and love in the face of anger.

There are more books in “Emotion Explorers” series about many more emotions.

If you want to order, but you don't see your country, go to Amazon of your country and write: A Very VERY Angry Book (Emotion Explorers)

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